Coralie Wright - A True Balcong Person

Greetings! Once upon a time, actually around 1990, 3 boys from a very small rural community on the central plains of Minnesota met in kindergarten and quickly became friends. They were extremely active boys who loved to laugh, had difficulty sitting still in class and each recess was occupied playing a sport on the playground or in the gym.  When they transitioned from elementary to junior high, another boy became a part of the group. During their high school years, the bond became strong and they referred to themselves as the Four Horsemen. It’s safe to say this phrase was not taken from the Apocalypse but was borrowed from the WWE Professional Wrestling Organization. The slogan developed a strong umbrella for the quartet.

All four of them experienced first-hand the reward of a long term goal set their freshman year by putting in the hard work and winning the state football championship their senior year. They continued this “work ethic” after high school and have experienced remarkable achievements. One had the honor to meet and be recognized by Vice President Joe Biden this last week in Minnesota and was recognized for his mentoring to high school football players. He made a music video with his players honoring and respecting women. The video went viral on YouTube, gained national recognition and he received a written commendation from Vice President Biden.

One became an Army Ranger and is now providing protection to his community as a state trooper. One is a superintendent/principal in a public school in South Dakota. One had the privilege of playing in the NFL, continues to mentor young players and building a private business. What is it that drives them? A common question from an adult to a child is, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” (I don’t know about you, but I am still trying to figure that one out.) They were all chasing a dream.  If you can Dream, if you can Believe in that Dream, are “willing to pay that price for that Dream”, you can Achieve.  Seems like a pretty good formula. There are a lot of young men and women who are accomplishing great things in our midst every day. Please take the time to acknowledge them. 

Our mass media does not put a priority to make everyday achievements headline news.  Just think what an impact it would make on society if they did. Today I am going to be involved in the music at a funeral for a cousin, Coralie Wright Jacobson. She fought a courageous battle with cancer and succumbed at the age of 55.  Coralie was an inspiration for many people including myself. She was a true “balcony person”. She saw the beauty in people, the beauty in nature and developed a refined skill of capturing the moment in a photograph.  She cheered for her family, friends and those less fortunate.  As with most people, she had many challenges in her life but maintained an upbeat spirit.  Thank you, Coralie, for being a “Balcony Person” for so many.  Have a great March.

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